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Korea Institute of Patent Information

 Korea Institute of Patent Information(KIPI), founded by the Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) in 1995, does its best to build up a solid patent infrastructure in Korea. As a specialized non-profit IP information service agent,

KIPI not only executes KIPOs projects, but also provides value-added patent information services.

KIPI supports the implementation of an advanced patent administration system by operating KIPOnet, the data management center, the patent document digitalization center, the patent customer consulting center, the Patent Information Utilization Center and the IP information integration center, and managing the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) and the development of the Korean Patent Abstracts (KPA) database.

KIPI does its utmost to strengthen its customers competitiveness by providing various customer-oriented services such as patent information development services, trade secret certification services, and patent information service infrastructure.