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Chilin (HK) Limited

Chilin (HK) Ltd, founded by Prof. Benjamin K. Tsou, has evolved from a subsidiary of the university-based CityU Enterprise Ltd of Hong Kong. We have been a successful provider of cross-language engineering services, offering mature products such as Chilin CE Patent Lexicon, Aligned Bilingual Sentences Corpus, Comparable Bilingual Patent Corpus, Patent Relevant Word Cloud, Patent NMT System and LIVAC Synchronous Chinese Corpus (

After rigorous cultivation, over 300,000 Chinese-English comparable patents have yielded the Chilin Patent Lexicon, comparable patent corpus materials, aligned bilingual sentences and an effective patent NMT system, through the use of the derived aligned sentences. A sub-corpus was exclusively used for the NTCIR 2009 and 2010 Chinese-English patent machine translation competitions in Tokyo as training and assessment materials.

Partners and clients include: Hong Kong Judiciary, Nokia, Yahoo, Microsoft, Nuance, NiuTrans, Oxford University Press, Commercial Press and some universities and patent agents.