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The two-day China patent annual coference is opening in Beijing

2017-12-18      来源:中央电视台英文频道-CHINA 24

  Host: The two-day annual China patent conferenceis opening in Beijing, the eighth addition another gathering has attracted businesses, international organizations, governments and academics from around the world. Well, they will be looking to push forward the strengthening and protection of IPR. Grace SHAO has more.

  主持人:为期两天的第八届中国专利年会在北京(国家会议中心)召开,来自世界各国的众多企业, 国际组织、政府机构以及学术机构参加了本次会议。他们共同期望推进和加强知识产权保护工作。记者(Grace SHAO)报道如下。

  Reporter (Grace SHAO):A strong intellectual property protectionis a key to have a healthy and wide-open economy, China has gradually become more relianton internet, digitalization and the sharing economy, which all contribute to the nation’s growth and innovation. At the China’s patent conference, State Intellectual property office (SIPO) commissioner Shen Changyu expressed optimism and determination to improve Chinese overall IP factor.

  Grace SHAO(记者报道):强有力的知识产权保护对于一个健康和开放的经济至关重要。中国已逐渐变得更加依赖互联网、数字化和共享经济,这些都为中国的国力增长和创新做出了贡献。在本届中国专利年会上,国家知识产权局局长申长雨表达了他对改善中国的整体知识产权状况乐观的态度和决心。

  Commissioner Shen: Our current IP protection measures have been improving, our country’s innovation has been improving qualitatively and quantitatively. We have been more effective with our regulations, the use of patents has also helped newer and stronger ties with 12

  international partners, ……so in terms of the application of intellectual property, we are becoming more and more effective now.


  Reporter (Grace SHAO): Hosting this annual patent conference is China’s way to show the method and international institutions as an effort protecting the intellectual property. As China becomes of a more innovativeeconomy, better regulations are needed to protect thetechnologies that is a key driver to the economy.

  Grace SHAO(记者报道):中国专利年会的举办以中国独特的视角展现国际机构努力保护知识产权的方式。随着中国成为一个更具创新力的经济体,需要更好的法律法规保护那些驱动经济的关键技术。

  Reporter (Grace SHAO): The conference has attracted thousands of attendees from over 80 countries, the turn outindicates the level of interests ofopportune intellectual property has been animated tremendously compared to the previous years, as more and more people are realizing the importance of IP protection.

  Grace SHAO(记者报道):此次会议吸引了来自80多个国家的数千名参会者,结果表明,与前几年相比,知识产权的收益水平得到了极大的关注。越来越多的人意识到保护知识产权的重要性。

  Guest: (YOSHIYUKI TAKAGI): Well, China made a great progress in filing patent applications, in so study to move to comprehensive intellectual asset management,in an aspectfor the intellectual property rights, the rights enforcement, also better use of patent information. All those IP asset management quality is the next stage for China to move in the participant in the global market of knowledge.


  Reporter (Grace SHAO): Mr TAKAGI added that China has followed a significant number of applications at the world’s class level, but now the country must focus on the quality of its intellectual property rights. The efficient management of intellectual property assets has increasingly become competitive of innovative organizations. When asked about the global environment of IP protection, TAKAGI responded with “we want to promote the innovation as a means to take global challenges, like climate change, or the security (for the security) or the better environment and living standard for everybody. And innovation is a key, and we want to put together the efforts of all member states and work together, there is no border.”

  Grace SHAO(记者报道):高木先生补充道,“中国在专利申请方面数量级上已经处于世界一流水平,现在中国必须把关注点放在知识产权的质量方面。知识产权资产的有效管理日益成为创新组织的竞争实力。”高木先生说,“我们希望将创新作为应对全球挑战的手段,如气候变化、安全或为每个人创造更好的环境和生活水平。创新是关键,我们要集合所有成员国的努力,协同工作,没有界限。”

  Reporter (Grace SHAO): As the world becomes moredependent on technology, the intellectual property becomes increasingly vital to the success and stability of the economy, China’s implementationof strict intellectual property policies can be seen as indication of determination to protect global technologies. Meanwhile, it’s crucial for nations to further facilitate nurturing of healthy global economy. Grace SHAO CCTV in Beijing.

  记者(Grace SHAO报道):随着世界变得更加依赖于科技,知识产权对于经济的成功和稳定越来越重要。中国实施严格的知识产权政策可以视为对全球技术保护的决心。与此同时,各国进一步培育健康的全球经济也至关重要。央视记者Grace SHAO报道。